Halo Headlines: Trout forced to dress up as a baby, Trout has fifth-highest selling jersey, more AL MVP debate

The October 2nd, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Trout forced to dress up as a baby, Trout has fifth-highest selling jersey, more AL MVP debate and much more…

The Story: Mike Trout was forced to dress up as a baby as part of rookie hazing.

The Monkey Says: Grown, mature men at their finest.  Nice to see that even with their season basically ending that the Halos still found time to haze.

The Story: Mike Trout had the fifth-highest selling jersey in baseball since the All-Star break.

The Monkey Says: And Derek Jeter is still number one, which blows my mind because, at this point of his career, what Yankee/Jeter fan doesn't already have his jersey by now?

The Story: Ken Rosenthal casts his vote for Mike Trout as AL MVP.

The Monkey Says: Rosenthal gives one of the better impartial evaluations of the race here.  What I really like is the reasons he states for having reservations about Trout's candidacy because they are actual factual doubts as opposed to people just having a problem with certain metrics.  If you want to vote for Cabrera, those are the best reasons, not a failing to understand WAR. 

The Story: Jon Heyman thinks the Miguel Cabrera's Triple Crown pursuit isn't getting enough attention.

The Monkey Says: This is not being able to see the forest for the trees.  The Triple Crown is getting a HUGE amount of coverage because of the AL MVP race, not being overshadowed by it.  The point of the Triple Crown pursuit itself is valid, but it is because there seems to be an almost foregone conclusion that Cabrera is going to get it.  And, yes, the pursuit isn't that exciting to a lot of people because batting average and, especially, RBIs have lost so much significance in the game in the last decade.  That isn't a shame at all.  If anything, I consider it progress.

The Story: Jeff Passan thinks the Triple Crown is overshadowing Mike Trout's MVP season.

The Monkey Says: He never refers to it directly, but this is a great response piece to Heyman's hunk of crap.

The Story: Mike Trout and his sneaky good stretch run.

The Monkey Says: I hadn't seen that table.  I love that table.  That table clearly loves defense, which it should as should BBWAA voters, but alas, most of the don't.

The Story: What Mike Napoli owning the Angels looks like.

The Monkey Says: Salt, meet wound.

The Story: The Angels agreed to a two-year affiliation extension with the Inland Empire 66ers.

The Monkey Says: Thus saving the Angels from another round of A-ball musical chairs, which they have dealt with quite a bit the last few seasons.

The Story: A look at the many roster holes the Angels will have to fill after the season.

The Monkey Says: Yeah, it is a lot, but it is almost all on the pitching side.  I don't know if that makes it better, but at least it gives them some level of stability in an off-season where they might turn over 40% of their roster.

The Story: The Angels free agent additions will come in at 0.6 average WAR below what was expected of them.

The Monkey Says: Thanks a lot, C.J. Wilson.

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