Halo Headlines: Angels perform well in All-Star Game, Halos to try and trade for Greinke, Trumbo’s stabilizing walk rate

The July 11th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including the Angels (mostly) performed well in the All-Star Game, Halos to pursue Greinke via trade, Trumbo’s stabilizing walk rate and much more…

The Story: The Angels mostly performed well in the All-Star Game.

The Monkey Says: I say mostly because Trumbo struck out in both of his at-bats.  Trout, however, got on base twice and stole a base while Weaver worked a shutout inning.  None of that helped prevent the AL from getting throttled by the NL thoug.  I was primarily impressed with Trout getting a hit off of R.A. Dickey even though I can’t imagine Trout had ever seen a knuckleball before in his life.

The Story: If Zack Greinke becomes available, the Angels are expected to be serious bidders for him on the trade market.

The Monkey Says: I don’t think this will work and will explain it great length why later today, but the one intriguing bit here is the source who states that Greinke believes the Halos are a “perfect fit” for him.  That could mean the Angels have a chance at trading for him and working out an extension before he becomes a free agent at the end of the year or maybe that the Angels could have the inside track on signing him once he does become a free agent even if they don’t trade for him.

The Story: Mark Trumbo’s improved walk rate has stabilized and should be here to stay.

The Monkey Says: There was some concern when his walk rate dipped down from a very strong April, but it didn’t dip very far.  That, however, might be a bit misleading as his July rate of 6.4% is inflated by two intentional walks.  Take those out and he only walked 4.5%, which is still better than last season, but isn’t very good.  I say the jury is still out though I remain highly optimistic.

The Story: Mike Trout was the first player to steal a base off of R.A. Dickey this season.

The Monkey Says: That’s impressive, but it obviously comes with an asterisk as Dickey may not have been holding Trout on base as tightly as he normally would have what with it being a meaningless exhibition game and all.

The Story: Tim Salmon is a big believer in Mark Trumbo.

The Monkey Says: That is a nice endorsement, but it isn’t as if Salmon is one to say anything negative about anyone.  I’m just glad that that he didn’t hold a grudge out of jealousy that the two youngsters have already made an All-Star team, like he never did.

The Story: Mike Trout: the kid that saved the Angels.

The Monkey Says: That’s an overstatement, but it fits in with the nice narrative that the media has been eager to push.  Lots of things helped turn the Halos around this year and Trout was definitely a big one of those things, but he isn’t the sole reason.

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