Halo Headlines: Trout wins Players Choice AL Rookie of the Year, considering Haren’s health, how much money will Greinke get?

The November 6th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Trout wins Players Choice AL Rookie of the Year, considering Haren's health, estimating how much money will Greinke get and much more…

The Story: Mike Trout named Players Choice AL Rookie of the Year… but nothing else.

The Monkey Says: Good gravy, I don't recall there ever being so many different organizations giving out so many sets of awards.  The "official" awards given out by the BBWAA don't even start until next week.

The Story: Dan Haren's health, and what we don't know.

The Monkey Says: The more this gets discussed, the more it appears that Haren's medicals were the reason behind his failed trade.  Of course, we won't get any real kind of confirmation on that with the possible exception of the kind of contract he lands as a free agent this off-season.

The Story: Top off-season questions including wondering how big of a contract Zack Greinke will fetch.

The Monkey Says: I think there is enough doubt surrounding him to keep his price tag from exceeding the six-year, $127.5 million that Matt Cain got.  My (barely) educated guess is that he gets six years, $124 million.

The Story: Mike Trout was named the best overall defensive player in the AL in the first annual Wilson Defensive Awards.

The Monkey Says: Yep, another new set of awards.  Now do you see what I was talking about earlier?  When will this madness stop?!?!

The Story: Mike Trout was named to the ESPN Sweet Spot MLB All-Star team.

The Monkey Says: It never stops, does it?

The Story: The top ten moments of Torii Hunter's Angel career.

The Monkey Says: My favorite will always be the walk-off catch.  I sometimes watch it just to cheer myself up.

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