Halo Headlines: Trumbo’s Recovery Delayed Again, What Other Moves the Angels Need to Make, Spring Training Tickets On Sale Soon

The January 5th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Trumbo’s recovery delayed again, what other moves the Angels still need to make, and spring training tickets to go on sale soon and much more…

The Story: Mark Trumbo’s recovery from a stress fracture in his foot has been delayed once again.

The Monkey Says: This is a very bad sign.  Trumbo was supposed to be all healed up months ago, but now he is not going to start rehabbing until spring training, and it sounds as if that isn’t even a guarantee at this point.  At a minimum, this should just about completely scrap the notion of him moving to third base.  It also makes it even more important that Kendrys Morales not suffer any recovery setbacks of his own, otherwise the Angels will be looking at Bobby Abreu as the full-time DH.

The Story: What other needs to the Angels still need to address?

The Monkey Says: This is yet another endorsement for the Angels to add more late-inning bullpen help.  If this keeps up, LaTroy Hawkins is going to develop a complex.

The Story: Angels spring training tickets go on sale January 14th.

The Monkey Says: If you are going to spring training for the first time, buy your tickets early.  The Angels are normally a hot ticket in Arizona as it is, so I can only imagine that tickets will be even harder to come by with so many folks hoping to get a sneak peak at Albert Pujols in an Angels uniform.

The Story: A look ahead at when/if Albert Pujols will pass a long list of impressive career milestones.

The Monkey Says: I never even thought about the Angel franchise records he has a chance at breaking, but he definitely has a shot and I just didn’t realize it because I failed to realize just how long ten years really is.

The Story: The most important (or extremely stupid in a funny way) thing you will read about the Angels all year.

The Monkey Says: Sam Miller gets paid for this.  I want his job.

The Story: A look at recent minor league signing, Eric Hurley.

The Monkey Says: Hurley is probably going to get some hype as this year’s version of Jerome Williams, but as Sam Miller suggests, he is highly unlikely to ever contribute to a MLB team this year and possibly ever.

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