Halo Headlines: Vlad Guerrero arrested after night club brawl, Dipoto talks sabermetrics, Angels still have some of the cheapest tickets in MLB

The April 11th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Vlad Guerrero arrested after night club brawl, Dipoto talks sabermetrics, Angels still have some of the cheapest tickets in MLB and much more…

The Story: Former Angel was arrested for assault for his role in a brawl at a night club in the Dominican Republic.

The Monkey Says:  This obviously does not sound like something Vladdy would get involved in, but he did turn himself in. Hopefully this all gets cleared up quickly.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto talks about how he incorporates advanced statistics into his front office philosophy.

The Monkey Says: Step back from the ledge all you old schoolers, he talks about blending statistical analysis with more traditional scouting practices.  Like it or not, involving more sabermetrics into the front office can only be a good thing.

The Story: The Angels still have one of the lowest average ticket prices in baseball.

The Monkey Says: I kind of feel like the whole part where that price index excludes premium tickets is a way to game the average price, but it is certainly encouraging that the Angels barely raised ticket prices despite their massive outlay of long-term contracts this off-season.

The Story: Are Mark Trumbo and third base a match made in heaven?

The Monkey Says: It is nice to see that not everyone is dumping on Trumbo after just two games.  I still don’t know that it is a match made in heaven, but I very much agree with the sentiment that they “need each other.”

The Story: Kevin Jepsen believes that his weight loss before 2011 caused him to hirt his arm.

The Monkey Says: That sounds a little dubious, but it is hard to blame him after seeing his career potentially derailed by the knee injury that he thinks carrying less weight somehow caused.  He looks much better this season, but he will still have to continue proving himself if he wants to hold onto his roster spot once Bobby Cassevah is ready to come off the DL.

The Story: Jerome Williams pitched well in his final rehab start and will start for the Angels against the Yankees on Sunday.

The Monkey Says: Garrett Richards was good too, but Williams was always going to get the fifth starter spot barring an absolute disaster.

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