Halo Headlines: Weaver to start on Wednesday, Williams hospitalized after game, Iannetta at least two weeks from returning

The June 19th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Weaver to start on Wednesday, Williams hospitalized with breathing problems, Iannetta out “at least” two more weeks and much more…

The Story: Jered Weaver will make the start in the series finale against the Giants on Wednesday.

The Monkey Says: Once activated, Weaver’s will have missed three weeks of action in which the Angels will have gone no worse than 11-9 in his absence, which is interesting because all the overreacting members of the national media said the Angels were screwed with Weaver being lost to injury.  Funny how that worked out.

The Story: Jerome Williams was hospitalized with breathing problems after leaving last night’s game.

The Monkey Says: Yikes.  Not to sound callous, but that certainly explains his struggles in the game.  Hopefully everything will turn out to be alright with him after he reportedly passed out in the clubhouse after leaving the game.  He was held in the hospital overnight.  If his ailment causes him to miss any time, Garrett Richards will likely slide into Jerome’s rotation spot temporarily.

The Story: Chris Iannetta is at least two weeks from returning from his injury.

The Monkey Says: That quote sure makes it sound like he could be out for quite awhile longer, which makes it even more frustrating that the team just demoted Hank Conger who is the only real hope of the Angels getting any consistent offense from their catcher… not that it has ever been a big priority in Scioscia’s eys.

The Story: David Pauley was designated for assignment for the second time this season and Andrew Romine was called up to take his place.

The Monkey Says: Actually, it is the third time if you count the Tigers DFAing him just before the season.  He will almost certainly clear waivers and return to the Salt Lake Bees where he will hope he can get yet another shot at returning to the majors with the Halos.  Romine is up for bench depth since the Halos didn’t need to carry 13 pitchers anymore.  People are somehow reading into this that Kendrick is being traded since he didn’t play last night, but there is no reason to believe that is the case.  Yes, DFAing Pauley opens up a spot on the 40-man, but he had to be DFA’d because he is out of options and the Angels aren’t going to demote Carpenter over Pauley at this point.  So, knock it off, internet.

The Story: The Angels are finally winning the close games.

The Monkey Says: The 7-2 stretch when scoring three or fewer runs has really turned their season around, but it is not a sustainable way to stay in contention.  As great as the Angels’ pitching is, they will be lucky to go .500 the rest of the way in games when they don’t score more than three runs, so they best do something to make sure those games start getting few and far between.

The Story: The Angels and all West Coast teams must learn to play with the marine layer.

The Monkey Says: A Lyle Spencer special!  This is just stupid.  I mean, yes, the marine layer is a real thing and certainly has an effect, but the article conveniently fails to mention that scoring is down in the West Coast stadiums because all of those stadiums are built with pitcher-friendly dimensions, especially Seattle and San Diego.  He also fails to mention that all of the West Coast teams are built around strong pitching to suit their parks, which suppresses scoring even further.  But no, let’s just blame it all on “a thick, heavy inversion layer.”

The Story: Jered Weaver is “glad to see” that Roger Clemens was acquitted of perjury charges.

The Monkey Says: That whole trial was a ridiculous waste of time and money, but we all still remember that he actually did use PEDs, right?  I’m just saying I’m not sure we should be so “glad” about him walking on the perjury charges when he did still cheat a whole lto.

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