Halo Headlines: Wells has meeting to discuss early struggles, Kohn suffers setback, Remembering Nick Adenhart three years later

The April 10th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Wells has closed door meeting to discuss early struggles, Kohn suffers setback with forearm, remembering Nick Adenhart on the third anniversary of his death and much more…

The Story: Vernon Wells already had a closed door meeting with Mike Scioscia due to his early season struggles.

The Monkey Says:  Uh oh.  Vernon has looked just as bad as he was last season so far, so his benching for one game is no surprise.  What is a surprise is that he needed a dreaded “closed door” meeting.  Maybe it was nothing, but the connotation does not bode well for him.  I hate to say it, but Wells Watch 2012 is definitely in full effect now.

The Story: Michael Kohn experienced a setback in his recovery from a forearm strain and will now get a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews.

The Monkey Says: It isn’t 100%, but a trip to the famed Dr. Andrews almost always means the team is worried about something major, possibly Tommy John surgery.  Hopefully this turns out to be nothing major for Kohn.

The Story: Remembering Nick Adenhart on the third anniversary of his untimely death.

The Monkey Says: R.I.P. Nick…

The Story: The Twins honored Torii Hunter and LaTroy Hawkins before yesterday’s game as they were on the 2002 Twins team that lost in the ALCS.

The Monkey Says: I really don’t get why a team that didn’t even go to a World Series is being honored, especially with the franchise that beat that team being the day’s opponent.  Maybe I am misreading this, but it almost seems like the Twins are antagonizing their own fans.

The Story: A statistical look at how Mike Scioscia so consistently exceeded expectations with the Angels from 2005 through 2009.

The Monkey Says: It is interesting that the conclusions drawn were that a killer bullpen and clutch hitting were the many avenues for Scioscia’s success because it has been the lack of those two elements that has hindered the Angels as they failed to meet expectations the last two seasons.

The Story: Ken Rosenthal believes the Angels should make every effort to keep Erick Aybar rather than wait on Jean Segura.

The Monkey Says: I respectfully disagree.  Aybar is going to demand a ton of money and I just think he is too inconsistent to merit such a hefty investment.  Then again, Rosenthal wears bowties, so maybe I’m in the wrong.

The Story: 10 ways the Angels can get their swagger back.

The Monkey Says: He forgot one, play the Twins.  The Twins are just terrible.

The Story: Chevy Clarke is off to a hot start to the season.

The Monkey Says: Chevy was frightfully close to becoming a full-fledged bust before he finished strong last season.  Being off to a good start this season is a great sign, but all the physical tools in the world won’t help him if he doesn’t prove he can produce consistently.  Also, he should probably stop tweeting.

The Story: Behold Mike Sweeney eating a banana at the Angels game this last weekend.

The Monkey Says: There is other fun Angel-related stuff in there from old friend Sam Miller, but yeah, Mike Sweeney totally ate a banana.

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