Halo Headlines; Wilson scratched from All-Star Game, Williams ready to return, could Wells become a distraction?

The July 9th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including C.J. Wilson scratched from All-Star Game, Williams ready to return, Wells might become a distraction when he returns and much more…

The Story: C.J. Wilson will skip the All-Star Game due to a blister on his middle finger.

The Monkey Says: Jake Peavy will take his place.  This is nothing to worry about.  In fact, it is entirely possible that he if lying about the blister because he would rather have the time off.  Since we are talking about the All-Star Game, apparently Justin Verlander will get the start over Jered Weaver.  Some Angels fans are upset about that, but given that Verlander is coming off one of the best seasons from a pitcher in 20 years, I’m more than OK with him getting the nod.  In fact, I’d have been disappointed if he didn’t get selected.

The Story: Jerome Williams is ready to rejoin the rotation after the All-Star break.

The Monkey Says: He had a real nice rehab start over the weekend, so he should be good to go.  However, with him slumping before he suffered his asthma attack, he could find himself on a short leash, especially if Garrett Richards turns it around when he gets called back up.

The Story: There is concern that Vernon Wells could become a distraction when he returns from the disabled list.

The Monkey Says: Or so says the reporter trying to manufacture controversy out of thin air.  I don’t buy for a second that Wells is going to come back and become a clubhouse cancer because of a lack of playing time.  If there is one thing we have seen from Wells since he arrived in Anaheim, it is that he is an undying optimist, like to the point that it is incredibly annoying how positive and self-assured he is.  I don’t see how that will all change and he will begin pouting and griping.

The Story: Jean Segura played well in the Futures Game while Ariel Pena struggled.

The Monkey Says: A performance in this game doesn’t really mean much other than it might have ever so slightly damaged Pena’s trade value.

The Story: Jered Weaver is the first pitcher to reach the All-Star break with 10 or more wins and an ERA under 2.00 since Sandy Koufax.

The Monkey Says: What?  Is that good or something?

The Story: Mark Trumbo is not worried about a post-Home Run Derby slump.

The Monkey Says: Nor should he be.  I’ve said it before, Trumbo’s swing is already perfectly tailored for hitting homers, so he isn’t going to alter his swing just for the contest.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto once again downplayed the idea that he would trade Peter Bourjos or add payroll at the deadline.

The Monkey Says: I believe him, but this is also the same guy that downplayed the notion that the Angels would pursue Albert Pujols in free agency.

The Story: The Angels rotation hasn’t been as good as expected.

The Monkey Says: Tell me something I didn’t know.  The good news is that the rotation is still solid and has nowhere to go but up.  Even with the current rotation, the Halos still lead the league in shutouts, so they aren’t exactly hurting but that has a lot more to do with their bullpen being much better than expected.

The Story: Jean Segura is the only Angel on Baseball America’s Top 50 Mid-Season Prospect list.

The Monkey Says: And he is only at #43.  Yuck.

The Story: GIF!  Jim Thome and Erick Aybar are pointing out the same thing but for very different reasons.

The Monkey Says: Baseball is hilarious.

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