Halo Headlines: Haren open to re-signing at a reduced price, mutual interest in Iannetta coming back to Anaheim, Dipoto doesn’t regret waiting to promote Mike Trout

The October 4th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Haren open to re-signing at a reduced price, mutual interest in Iannetta coming back to Anaheim, Dipoto doesn't regret waiting to promote Mike Trout and much more…

The Story: Dan Haren is open to taking a lesser one-year deal to return to the Angels next season.

The Monkey Says: It seems Haren feels a bit guilty about his performance this season and wants to atone for it.  It is also a a smart move by him to try and rebuild some value before hitting the market again in 2014.  How much less he is willing to take would be interesting since he is already going to receive a $3.5 million buyout by having his option declined.  Some other team can surely come in and make him a nice offer that the Angels might not want to match since it is on top of what he already is getting from them.  I suspect there will be a mutual interest here though, possibly even resulting in a one-year deal with some sort of option for 2014.

The Story: The Angels and Chris Iannetta both want to see him come back to Anaheim next season and possibly beyond.

The Monkey Says: Iannetta probably performed too well to just allow his option to be picked up, so a long-term deal seems more likely.  Frankly, the Angels would be stupid to let him go since there is no real other option to replace him via free agency and there does not seem to be any faith in Hank Conger within the organization to step into a starting role either.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto doesn't regret waiting to promote Mike Trout.

The Monkey Says: I tend to agree given the circumstances at the time.  besides, there is no real evidence to suggest that 20 more games of Trout would've somehow save the Angels from missing out on the playoffs.

The Story: Ervin Santana seems resigned to his Angel career coming to an end.

The Monkey Says: He's going to look real good in a Royals uniform next season.  Blue really brings out his eyes.

The Story: Re-signing Greinke and Hunter are the Angels top off-season priorities, followed by beefing up the rest of the pitching staff.

The Monkey Says: Confirming pretty much everything that we already knew and/or suspected.  Way to play your cards close to the vest, Jerry.

The Story: Jerry Dipoto does not consider this season a failure.

The Monkey Says: Failure?  No.  Disappointment?  Definitely.  It is all a matter of degrees.  Progress was made this season, just not enough, unfortunately.

The Story: The Angels were a very good team that had a very bad season.

The Monkey Says: Yup, it was all the pitching's fault and only part of it was predictable.  I know that the mantra is that relievers are a commodity, but I'm not really of the mind that the Halos can just reload with some generic relievers this off-season and hope for the best.  They need to make at least some kind of major play in that area to try and give themselves a higher degree of confidence in the relief corps next season.

The Story: T. J. Simers blames Arte Moreno for the Angels lost season.

The Monkey Says: No season would be complete without Simers casting baseless aspersions at ownership just for the sake of being a dick.

The Story: Historical comparisons suggest Trout has the edge in MVP voting.

The Monkey Says: Here's the thing about that, player comps don't matter much in this one race.  MVP voting is all about narrative and as fun as Trout's story is, a large faction of writers just won't be able to stop drooling over the Triple Crown and the perception that Cabrera has been underappreciated until now.  Trout should be the MVP, but I have almost no doubt that Miggy will win the award now.

The Story: The 19-year span of the AL West being a four-team division comes to a close.

The Monkey Says: It is amazing that their was so much parity in the division with the Angels, A's and Rangers all winning the division five times a piece and the Mariners winning it four times.  GIven how baseball has evolved in these last two decades, I have a hard time imagining that we will see a similar spead of division crowns over the next wo decades.  Then again, the A's did just figure out a way to upset the Rangers despite being vastly outclassed in terms of resources by both Texas and the Halos.

The Story: 3B prospect Luis Jimenez is an underappreciated asset for the Angels.

The Monkey Says: Not by me.  I am disappointed the Angels didn't give him a September call-up to see if he could be a replacement for Alberto Callaspo next season.  His free-swinging ways probably damned him in the eyes of Dipoto, but he has some talent that deserves to be explored even if he doesn't fit the "control the strike zone" mold.

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