Mike Trout high school memories (braces included)

Even though he just turned 21 a few weeks ago, Mike Trout has taken Major League Baseball by storm.  He's the current frontrunner to win the AL MVP and seems poised to take the mantle of the best player alive for the next decade or so.  With all the accolades coming his way, it is easy to forget that he is still but a wee pup or perhaps a guppy or a minnow if we are forced by the Internet police to keep all Trout metaphors in the ichthyoid family.

In fact, it was only a few years ago that Young Mike was in high school and attending junior prom.  Even with all his athletics gifts, it appears that one thing he couldn't conquer was orthidontics as can be seen my his mouthful of metal braces (via Trout's own girlfriend on Twitter):

Is it too late to suggest that we give Trout the nickname of "Jaws?"  Not like the shark in the movie, but more like the Bond villain:

Pretty close, right?  In fact, maybe they are distant relations.  Jaws always struck me as being slow-footed, but he definitely had 80 power.

Garrett Wilson

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