Podcast With a Halo: Episode 1 – It only took 3 years

Ladies and gentelmen, the wait is over.  We here at Monkey With a Halo are proud to finally present our official podcast… Podcast With a Halo!

We’ve said we are going to start one these things for three years and it is finally here.  Really, I don’t know why it took so long, it wasn’t that hard.

Or maybe it was, I don’t know.  This was our maiden voyage and I think it went pretty well considering.  Please do give it a listen and leave us some feedback here (SPOILER ALERT: I say “ya know” about 37 times, I’ll work on that).  We’d like to make this a weekly thing, so keep us motivated to do that by subscribing to the RSS feed or via iTunes (which should be available in the next few days).  And, if you really like what you hear, send some questions to monkeywithahalo(at)gmail.com so that we can add a mailbag segment!

Here it is, listen and enjoy.  (And here is the direct download in case the embedded player doesn’t work for you.)

Garrett Wilson

About Garrett Wilson

Garrett Wilson is the founder and Supreme Overlord of Monkeywithahalo.com and editor at The Outside Corner. He's an Ivy League graduate, but not from one of the impressive ones. You shouldn't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he is angry.