POLL: Who do you consider an upgrade over Mike Scioscia?

Time for a little thought experiment.  It seems that the angry mob as lit their torch and sharpened their pitchforks with designs on storming Arte Moreno's castle to demand the head of Mike Scioscia if (NOT when, at least not yet) the Angels fail to qualify for the post-season, but I can't help but wonder to what end?

We all know by now that I am a card-carrying Scioscia apologist, so I have to ask who it is everyone thinks will do such a better job than Scioscia is currently capable of.  In my mind, there is only really one name that qualifies, but I am curious what the rest of you think in order to provide contrasting frames of reference.  So, rather than open things up to suggestion, let's try this.  Below is a list of current MLB managers.  That obviously isn't a full list of potential replacements for Scioscia, but it does provide some good comps since these 29 men were already deemed good enough to manage someone.  We can talk about the Terry Franconas and Ryne Sandbergs of the world some other time.

I know how I expect these results to come back, but I don't want to taint the voting by tipping my hand too much.  Vote now though because I want to talk about this on my next podcast. And please note that you can vote for multiple managers:

Not to sway the results or anything, but if you vote for Jim Tracy I am going to throw out your vote, ban you from the site, find out where you live and punch you in the sack.

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