Tweeted by an Angel: C.J. Wilson = Breakdancer, Hank Conger Goes Panda Mode, The BCS Bores Victor Rojas

Another week, another collection of the best tweets (term “best” used loosely) from LA Angels players and personnel.  This week, we take a look at C.J. Wilson the breakdancer, Hank Conger going “Panda Mode” and Victor Rojas being as bored by the BCS game as the rest of us were.

You know how some people like to make fun C.J. Wilson because he is a “hipster” who has some unusual off-field interests.  Well, this isn’t going to help dispel that stereotype:

I’m only in favor of this if he yells, “you got served!” at the batter after every strikeout and then starts popping and locking right there on the mound.

In case you didn’t know, Hank Conger has been practicing yoga this off-season to try and improve his flexibility behind the plate:

Is anyone else dying to know what “panda mode” entails?

If you thought the “offense” on display in the BCS Championship Game sucked, you weren’t alone:

And this comes from a guy that has broadcasted every game for the last two seasons for an Angel team with a decidedly inept offense of its own.

And finally, Chevy Clarke graces us with his weekly contribution of… whatever it is this drivel means:

Of course, that wasn’t the most annoying thing he did this week.  Turns out is was Chevy’s birthday, which I only knew because he tweeted out that fact several times that day after counting down to it hour-by-hour the day before and then retweeted EVERY SINGLE TWEET at him that wished him a happy birthday.  We get it, Chevy.  It was your birthday; now stop polluting our timelines.

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