Tweeted by an Angel: Questionable advice on spring training, parenting and fashion

Another week, another batch of real tweets from real Angel players that are chock full of questionable advice on attending spring training, parenting and fashion.

Michael Kohn unwittingly delivers a public service announcement for any fans traveling to Tempe to see the Angels in spring training:

Seriously, the allergies in Arizona are brutal.  The first year I went, my eyes were watering so bad during a game that it looked like I was crying.  Bring some Claritin.

New parents are always looking for advice:

There is nothing you can do, Rich.  Disciplining young children is a losing battle.  Just give up now.

Time for some fashion advice from the Angels new pop culture icon:

I can’t tell how serious this conversation was, but I think we can all agree that Conger would totally rock the mock turtle neck.

Not done with the fashion yet, Victor Rojas gives us a sneak preview of his new gameday attire:

I DARE you to make good on this, Victor.  Who knows, maybe it will be a lucky charm like last year’s Rally Luchador Mask?

And finally, not to be outdone, crazy person/prospect Chevy Clarke offers up some motivational advice of his own:

I never “feel” like reading Chevy’s tweets, yet I still do it, just for this weekly feature.  Clearly, I am very successful.

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