Tweeted By an Angel: Questionable Parenting, Girl Problems and Bad Country Music

Another week, another look back at all the wonderful, interesting and insightful things the Angels players have been tweeting.  This week we get some questionable parenting advice, hear about a prospect’s relationship problems and get forcefully introduced to awful country music.

Victor Rojas is a very good play-by-play announced.  As for being a father?  I think he might have some work to do still:

When his kids are old enough to understand that movie reference, Victor is going to have some explaining to do.

Sounds like Angel relief prospect Daniel Tillman has some girl problems:

If not, he should have a nice side career writing lyrics for awful country songs.

Speaking of awful country music, I just lost a little respect for Mike Trout:

If you don’t know what Trout is tweeting about, watch this:

Good luck getting that out of your head any time in the next month.  Damn you, TROUT!!!!!

And finally, Chevy Clarke, the internet’s foremost purveyor of meaningless thoughts provides us all with a picture perfect example of irony:

Also, a pretty good example of a complete and total lack of self awareness.

Garrett Wilson

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