Tweeted by an Angel: Social graces, breaking the law and football vs. baseball

Another week, another batch of real tweets from real Angel players that will either really make you laugh or really make you weep for our future. For real.

Apparently Mark Trumbo should have considered going to finishing school before making the leap to professional baseball:

Personally, I would have gone with, “Oh, I remember you, alright.  And how DARE you show your face around here again!  I should have you brought up on charges!!!”

Trevor Bell is an outlaw:

Everytime I start to regret moving out of California, I hear about stupid laws like this being passed.  While we are at it, I should point out that Washington state just made same-sex marriage legal… without years of litigation and court appeals.  Oh, and did I mention there are no state income taxes.  Muahahahahaha!!!!

C.J. Cron just says what we are all thinking:

I really like football, but baseball is better.  Kind of like how I really like pie, but cake is clearly better (don’t believe the hype from the rising ranks of pie supporters).

And finally, our old clinically schizophrenic friend (allegedly) Chevy Clarke once again proves that tweets without context are a bad idea:

That was it, no other explanation about what “this” is, which I believe is what he does as some sort of not so clever ploy to get people to engage him and find out what he is talking about.  However, it backfired horrible in this case because I am pretty sure everyone just assumed it had something to do with masturbation.

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