Tweeted By an Angel: Torii Hunter = Law Abiding Citizen, La-Z-Boy Toilets, Hank Conger Really Doesn’t Like the Kardashians

Another week, another collection of the best tweets (term “best” used loosely) from LA Angels players and personnel.  This week, Torii Hunter teaches us to respect the police, prospect Jon Karcich has a great invention and Hank Conger can’t hide his hate for the Kardashians.

Torii Hunter never stops being a role model… I think:

I don’t watch Southland, so I have no idea what this is in reference to, but I am pretty sure if Hunter runs from the police like he steals bases, they would definitely catch him.  ZING!

Angels prospect Jon Karcich already has a fallback plan in case this whole baseball thing doesn’t work out:

Sorry, Jon, but as with most great ideas, the Simpsons already did it.

Simpsons Recliner Toilet

The more Hank Conger tweets I read, the more I realize that he is the voice of the people:

Wow, Michael Kohn must be really bad at golf because I have seen the Kardashian wedding episode and I can’t imagine a worse fate, even without having to bite the curb.

And finally, we check in with Chevy Clarke who actually teaches me a little something this time:

“Mom dukes” is apparently a real slang term.  Why you can’t just say “mom” is beyond me, but at least Chevy is using real terms now.  This is progress.

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