Tweeted By an Angel: Trevor Bell is Not a Doctor, LaTroy Hawkins Is Armed and Dangerous

Tweeted by an Angel is back!  Yay for me, I finally came through on a New Year’s resolution!!!

OK, enough stroking of my own ego.  Let’s get to taking a fond look back at the mountains of wisdom that your belove Angels have dropped on us in the last week.

I see no better way to re-introduce this segment than the following tweet from Trevor Bell:

And now we know why Bell opted for baseball instead of medical school.


Up next is LaTroy Hawkins.  I have to admit, I thought C.J. Wilson was the big addition to the Angels Twitter contributors, but Hawk is already proving to be a hidden gem.  Take this for example:

Note to self: only say nice things about LaTroy Hawkins.


Just to prove that not all of our tweets are meant to mock the Angels, we have this entry from Rich Thompson that proves that he is not only an underrated reliever but also an underrated humanitarian:

My only question is if Rich gets the teen to quit smoking, will he get credited with a save?  I’m guessing it would only be a save if the girl is in her final month of pregnancy.


And finally, no Tweeted by an Angel is complete without a contribution from minor leaguer and Twitter (idiot) savant Chevy Clarke.  This week, Chevy gives us all some words to live by in the new year:

Thanks, Chevy.  This weekly feature would be lost without your sage wisdom.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Apologies if the tweets don’t display, I’m trying out Twitter’s new embed functionality and have no idea if it is going to play nicely with Joomla (SPOILER ALERT: it probably won’t).

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