Tweeted By an Angel: Warm Weather, Shadow Boxing and JUMBACOS!!!!!

Another week, another collection of the best tweets (term “best” used loosely) from LA Angels players and personnel.  This week, C.J. Wilson loves warm weather, Hank Conger hates shadow boxers and JUMBACOS!!!!!!!!!

Remember how there were all these rumors that C.J. Wilson was always going to sign with the Angels because he badly wanted to live in California again?  Well, rumors confirmed:

As a guy who moved from Santa Barbara to Seattle a few months ago and has now been stuck in my house all week because Seattle is experiencing “Snowmageddon,” I can confirm that a gorgeous 62-degree today would be a fantasy for me right now too.

If you work out at the same gym as Hank Conger, don’t be this guy:

That’s awfully big talk for a guy who has been taking yoga classes all winter.

Hey, Angel prospect C.J. Cron, what happens if first you take a Jumbo Jack and then you add two tacos?

Am I the only one who is actually disappointed that the Jumbaco isn’t a real thing?  I would totally eat a Jumbaco.  Judging by the size of C.J. Cron, I’m guessing he feels the exact same way.

And finally, we check in with our old friend Chevy Clarke who finally seems to be figuring out how not to be so annoying on Twitter:

That is easily the most sane, rational, wise, well thought-out thing he has ever tweeted.

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