Two incredibly good reasons for Angels fans not to panic

The Angels are 3-6, which apparently means their season is already over and the sky is falling.  Believe it or not, I think people might be overreacting just a teeny tiny bit.  That’s easy to say, of course, but it turns out that I can actually back that statement up too.  I’ve good two very good reason why Angels fans should not panic and should, in fact, get excited.

Reason #1, the 2002 Angels also started the season 3-6.  That turned out pretty well if I recall.

Reason #2, the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals started the season 3-6, with a lineup that was struggling to score runs due to one Mr. Albert Pujols getting off to a sluggish start.  Things also ended pretty well for that team.

There you have it.  Not only are the Angels going to be OK, they are going to win the World Series.  That’s just cold, hard science.

You’re welcome.

Garrett Wilson

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