VIDEO: Mike Trout makes amazing catch, provides further evidence that he is Superman

A few weeks ago, I did this hard-hitting investigative report that proves Mike Trout is the last son of Krypton, Superman.  In case that didn’t convince you, and how could it not, Trout provided us with even more evidence today with this jaw-dropping catch:


That’s levitation, homes.  It might also be the best catch of the season and the best catch by an Angel outfielder since Jim Edmonds’s heyday.

My favorite part though isn’t the catch itself, it is how pumped Mike got after he made the grab, almost as if he couldn’t believe he pulled it off himself.  That, of course, was likely just some brilliant acting on his part to maintain the facade that he is normal human being and not an alien who draws his powers from the rays of the Earth’s yellow sun.

Garrett Wilson

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