Anaheim “Bees” shut out Brewers 5-0

Heres' the kind of season it's been for the Angels. Normally when a team is out of contention come September, they start calling up some hot prospects to audition for the major league club for the following year. However, that seems to have been the entire month of August already, so just when it's time to finally check out some of these new faces, we hear that all three minor elague clubs are in the playoffs. This says one of two things about the farm system. a) The system is better than we thought or b) minor league baseball has become very watered down since more clubs are promoting players faster. I tend to lean towards b), but at least the kids that are in the majors seem to be playing relatively well. Maybe there is hope for the future after all.

Angels 5 Brewers 0


Game Notes

— Jered Weaver just keeps on keeping on. Another 6 innings of shut out baseball. I've said this before, his injury in Texas all the way back in May was the first straw to break this season. Oh, and bonus points for his total disdain for batting. Six pitches, six strikes not prayer of a hit. Dude is awesome!

— I know we are all predisposed to hate on JB Shuck, but the truth is he just keeps getting hits and getting on base. Not sure how he does it, but there's a good chance he finishes in the top 4 of the Rookie of the Year Vote. That's just plain crazy, but true.

— Nice to see Grant Green get a big hit. I sooo want this guy to succeed just because I think he might have douche potential. He seems tailor made for the CJ Wilson school of Dbaggery. I'm sure he's a nice kid but something about him feels like he will spend all next year with Hank Conger following CJ around on adventures in multitasking your life.

Halo Hero

Kole Calhoun, clean up monster. If I were Josh Hamilton I would be quaking in my boots to have this kid taking my spot. Hamiton is hurt, so Calhoun got to hit 4th and gave the Halos the lead with a solo shot that was all kinds of legit. Kole has obviously played himself into an everyday spot in the lineup next year. All despite looking like a midget at the plate. But when hits the ball, damn does it sound good!