Angels blow five-run lead before finally losing in 19 innings

It is too late for me to write a real recap. This game was also too weird and frustrating for such a thing, so here is a list of the nuttiness for those of you who weren't brave enough to stay up and watch:

-Two quality starts in one game from the Angels

-Five players lost to injury

-Two exploded hamstrings

-Two homers by Albert Pujols

-One murdered baseball by Mark Trumbo

-One pitcher that was scratched from the start only to end up pitching multiple innings in relief

-Two dozen non-sensical statements from the Angel broadcasting crew as they try to fill air time and act as if they aren't punchy

-One umpire who was clearly so drowsy that he completely lost the strike zone during the 15th inning

-One last train leaving Oakland at midnight that no doubt left dozens of A's fans stranded

-One shot of a woman sleeping in the stands that got videobombed by a dude picking his nose

-Nineteen innings of Chris Iannetta squatting behind the plate and Albert Pujols playing first base (poorly) on bad feet and Josh Hamilton not getting a hit

-One bad sac bunt that could've been a triple play only to have Pujols bobble the ball and then have to hold his throw because Jerome Williams was in his way so they only got one out

-One comically bad Trout misplay of a ball in left that resulted in a video replay of a ball that landed three feet short of the wall, just because

-One pitcher batting in an American League game

-Three gingers with beards pitching in the same game

-Two teams setting new records for the longest game in franchise history


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