Angels closer vents on Twitter

Many an Angel fan is pretty pissed off that the Angels just keep finding new ways to lose. It turns out the players aren't too pleased with it either and one of them, closer Ernesto Frieri, let his frustrations bubble over into this tweet:

Ernie. It is a pretty tame tweet, all things considered, but to see a player pop off like that after a tough loss is unusual. Players usually exercise much more discretion than to tweet out an emoitonal response to a loss less than an hour after the game ended.

Surely some will view this as some signal that Mike Scioscia has lost control of the clubhouse and thus must be fired. He might need to be fired, but not because of this. Guys should be frustrated. Guys shouldn't be having fun and there is nothing wrong with them saying so as long as that is as far as it goes. They all care that they are losing, Frieri is just the first guy to let it bleed into social media. To his credit, Frieri responded kindly and positively to everyone who replied to his tweet and followed it up with an inspirational biblical quote, so he doesn't appear angry or disgruntled. 

Keep your chin up and know that we aren't having any fun either, Ernie.

Garrett Wilson

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