Angels continue free fall, lose to White Sox 3-0

Confession time. I didn't actually watch this game. (full disclosure; I was chaperoning a high school prom…I know fun right?) The truth is I didn't really need to watch this game since I think we all could have guessed the outcome. The only questions we had were in the detail of the Angels losing, not the actual result. Would it be a blowout or a low scoring affair? Would the bullpen cause the loss or the inept Angel's offense? Would CJ Wilson try to break the scoreboard pitch counter by throwing 425 pitches in 4 innings? These days, it's all in the way the team sucks, not the actual losses that are piling up.

Angels 0 White Sox 3


Game Notes

— CJ Wilson appears to have thrown well enough to win, but he ran into Angel killer Chris Sale again. Sale has now thrown 16 2/3 innings of scoreless, near perfect baseball against the Halos. Tonight, Wilson again kept his team in the game by going 7 innings but he just faced a better pitcher.

— The offense seemed to want this game over as quickly as the fans do on most Big Bang Friday Night games. Dudes had 12 strikeouts and only two runners made to second base. I know Sale is good but come on, at least one rally would have been nice, just to spice up the boredom this season has become.

— On the bright side, Angel catchers did throw out basestealers in this game. Hadn't seen that happen in a month. Way to go boys!!


Halo A Hole

Sorry none tonight. It's 2am. This team sucks. My head hurts from four hours of crappy music and the thought of covering another game in ten hours quite frankly frightens me. Can someone please just put me out of my misery with this team. When will the carnage of this season end? Why Lord, Why?


(okay maybe that's the prom hangover talking…see you tomorrow folks!!)