Angels continue to look to 2014; Yankees crush the Angels 14-7


Another example of what has made this season the craptastical madhouse that it's been was Tuesday night's loss to the Yankees. The Angels are no longer in contention. This particular blogger is actively rooting for the team to lose every possible game from here on out, and looking to the great oasis that is the 2014 MLB season.


Let's face it, folks. Winning baseball games for this squad, this year, would be counterproductive for the future of this franchise. If the Angels tank the rest of the way, they could secure a slot in the Top 10 Draft selections for the 2014 amateur draft. This would mean that their draft pick would be protected, should Arte decide to go out and barf money all over an expensive, aging free agent. Now, while such a splurge on said expensive, aging free agent would be… less than ideal… a top 10 draft slot would be amazing for a beleaguered, barren farm system.


Oh, and about Tuesday night's game, Erick Aybar pulled up lame again with what is being called a "left leg cramp." Jason Vargas, the one acquisition that kinda sorta went Jerry Dipoto's way, looked decidedly rusty after a long layoff. And, with the game already well out of reach in the 8th, a torrential downpour struck Yankee Stadium, prolonging an already excruciatingly bad game another 26 minutes. Also, news flash, Joe Blanton is still a terrible major league pitcher. And for some salt in the wound, Vernon Wells, the man we were all so so happy to see leave, decided to hit a key home run against his former team as well. We can talk all about the sad umpiring job, but that would be like sitting on the sidewalk discussing the possibilities of the sun coming up the next day. It's old. news.


If that all wasn't a microcosm of a season gone bad, then I don't know what is. I suppose the only thing this team can do is weather the storm, take its lumps, lick its wounds, and regroup for 2014 and beyond.


Yankees 14, Angels 7 




Game Notes


— Mike Scioscia tried to send a message, and it was… odd.


–Just when Angels fans everywhere back having recurrent nightmares of Joe Blanton possibly returning to the rotation, he decided to be terrible again. The former starting pitcher had been doing a decent job coming out of the bullpen his past few appearances, but laid a giant, stinky, rotten egg in the Bronx on Tuesday night. So, no. Unless Scioscia really really really wants himself fired, Blanton aint coming back to the starting rotation.




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