Angels frustrated again, lose to Astros 6-3

Good teams are not supposed to lose regularly to bad teams. The Atheltics own the Astros with a 9-0 record. Ditto for the Rangers with a 5-1 record. Not our Angels, no sir. The Angels have a losing record to the lowly 'Stros having dropped four of seven to the celler dwellers. Why does this happen? How can a team so bad routinely look so good agains our boys. Perhaps it's complacency. A sense of entitlement. A "we got this" attitudethe Halos have that makes them not take Houston seriously. Whatever it is, this is just one of the multitide of reasons the Angels are where they are.

Angels 3 Astros 6


Game Notes

— What the hell was that line-up? How can a team with a $140 million payroll rely on the bottom half of Iannetta, Shuck, Nelson and Harris. Two of those guys were out of baseball last year. Another walks more than he hits and the last is a AAAA outfielder with the power of a tse-tse fly. Mike Scioscia should be embarrassed running that card to homeplate.

— Tommy Hanson came back and immediately returned to being mediocre. Hanson three 6 1/3, gave up five runs and threw way to many balls over the plate. Welcome back Tommy, can't say we realy missed you.

— The Angel hitters looked lost most of the night against another soft tossing left hander. Halo hitters are batting a whopping .224 against lefties. It's getting the point that if I were other teams in the AL West all I would get would be mediocre south paws. Or, in the case of the A's, really good ones. I think we might be screwed here campers.

Halo A Hole

"Hey Arte, I know you spent a crap load of money but these are the Astros. Mind if I roll out a line-up of has beens and wanna bes to see if we can make it entertaining for the fans. After all, I wouldn't be fair to use our regulars, they need a day off here and there. It's not like we are 8 games out of first after two months of the season. You're cool with that, right?"