Angels go pitcher crazy on Day 2 of the 2013 MLB Draft

The second day the 2013 Amateur Draft is in the books for the Angels. As I myself am an amateur when it comes to speaking intelligently about draft prospects, I will avoid any real prospect specific analysis but instead off some deep, insightful commentary on the Angels' overall draft strategy.

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But seriously, folks. The Angels drafted a whole lot of pitching. Their lone selection on Day 1 was a high school pitcher and they followed that up today by using eight of their nine picks on pitchers. Here is the full list:

Round 3 (#95) – Keynan Middleton, RHP, Lane CC (J1)

Round 4 (#127) – Elliot Morris, RHP, Pierce College (J3)

Round 5 (#157) – Kyle McGowin, RHP, Savannah State (J3)

Round 6 (#187) – Harrison Cooney, RHP, Florida Gulf Coast (JR)

Round 7 (217) – Garrett Nuss, RHP, Seminole State (J2)

Round 8 (#247) – Nate Smith, LHP, Furman University (SR)

Round 9 (#277) – Stephen McGee, C, Florida State (JR)

Round 10 (#307) – Grant Gordon, RHP, Missouri State (SR)

See, I wasn't kidding about the pitching, The only non-pitcher they selected was catcher Stephen McGee, but I am assuming that pick was made merely out of necessity since they clearly need extra catchers now to handle all these freaking pitchers.

What is interesting though is that the Angels, while not dipping back into the high school ranks, aren't just snatching up safe college seniors either. In fact, their first three picks on Day 2 were JUCO guys and of their four-year college selections, just two of them were seniors. That is going to mean that the Angels could have some signability issues to do deal with.  That may not be too much of an issue though as some of these picks seem like a reach. Only Morris and Cooney appeared in Baseball America's Top 250 draft prospects and both were outside the top 200. Seeing how the Angels have the smallest draft bonus pool, that is probably a smart way for them to get their hands on guys with some upside without running into those aforementioned signability issues,

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