Angels lose to Rangers on walk-off for old time’s sake, fall 6-5

Stop me if you've heard this one before, the Angels lost to the Rangers on a walk-off. Oh, you have heard it before? Of course you have.

This is just what the Angels do. We might have forgotten about that after all their recent winning, but Texas was kind enough to go out of their way to deliver this little gut punch as a reminder. It is a shame too, I was so looking forward to the Angels being instrumental to keeping the Rangers from reaching the post-season but instead Mike Scioscia's insistence on allowing Michael Kohn to pitch in close games ended up being a boost to Texas' flagging hopes.

With three games left, there is still plenty of time for the Angels to deliver the deathblow, it just won't happen if Michael Kohn is prominently involved.

Rangers 6, Angels 5

Game Notes

– Mark Trumbo is one tough dude. He took a liner to the neck and still came out for his at-bat. Say what you want about his OBP, but he is still manlier than you.

– As much as Kohn shouldn't be allowed to pitch in close games, that goes double for Cory Rasmus. I'm glad they are evaluating him and all, but I don't know how his confidence is supposed to hold up if he is constantly put into a position to blow a lead.

– This is the last game recap duty I have for the year. Holy crap am I glad to be done with it. I am tempted to go back and check the Angels' record in games I covered because I am convinced their winnings percentage is .001, but I'm not enough of a sadist to do that. Suffice it say that this final recap being a walk-off loss is as fitting as could possibly be.

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