Angels revert to old ways, blow game to Dodgers, 8-7

And just like that, the bad old Angels were back, for one game, anyway.

The winning stream is dead at eight games, but it didn't have to be. The Angels were actually in prime position to continue their winning ways as the Dodgers were Dodgering all over the place the first few innings of the game as several defensive miscues staked the Halos to a 6-1 lead. Alas, that wouldn't last. It all began with C.J. Wilson and his back-from-the-dead problems with that one big inning.

Not to be outdone, the improved bullpen went and got all shaky again, giving up two runs off the arms of Michael Kohn and Robert Coello. Their ineffectiveness only served to point out once more that Mike Sciocsia's passing infatuations with relievers that have really done nothing to earn his trust.

And then, of course, there were the baserunning blunders and the three back-breaking doubleplays in the final three innings to save the Dodger bullpen from blowing the lead despite their best efforts.

It was classic April Angels baseball, but it was only for one game. Or at least we hope.

Dodgers 8, Angels 7

Game Notes

— Not that it would've changed my mind about the Angels erring by signing Hamilton instead of Greinke, but it sure would've been nice for the Halos to actually win this game. Knocking Zack around is only a small consolation since so much of the damage came because the Dodgers are a freaking disaster in the field.

— Does Robert Coello have DADHAT? I can't decide. It isn't like his hat has too much crown, per the typical definition, but it does look weird. It is like he wears it too high up on his head, or maybe he just has an oddly-shaped head. Someone needs to figure this out.

— I'm not sure how or why, but I blame those hideous digital camoflauge uniforms.


Angel A-Hole of the Game

The "Season of the Whiff" continues for Christopher John as he "whiffed" on the chance to extend the team's winning streak and on the opportunity to prove that his early season struggles were behind him.

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