Angels shut it down; beat M’s 2-0

Today was a weird day. First the news broke that either Mike Scioscia or Jerry DiPoto will be fired at the end of the season. Then a report surfaced that last year Albert Pujols and Torii Hunter almost came to blows in a clubhouse argument. Oh yeah, then the Halos had to go out and play a meaningless game against Seattle. I cannot imagine a less fun clubhouse to be in right now than Anaheim's. We have all been in work situations that are less than ideal, but between guys fighting for jobs and the air of depression that seems to be all around, the players have to just dread comingt to the park. But come they did and, for a few hours at least, things will be a little birghter with a win.

Angels 2 Mariners 0


Game Notes

— Felix Hernandez must hate the color red. Though not the ass kicking normally heaped on him, the Angels did scratch enough to get a win. Hernandez has been dominant against everyone except Anaheim in his career. Most likely becuase he is not left handed and throws harder than 85 mph. Now that combination is Angel kryptonite.

— Mike Trout was back in the lineup after a short absence due to a tight hamstring. Other than the fact that our esteemed supreme overloard the MONKEY WITH A HALO, was in attendance, I cannot see a reason Trout was playing. You do not mess around with hamstring injuries. The fact he went 0-4 should indicate he is not fully healthy. I say sit him until he is perfect, it's too big a risk.

— Good of the bullpen not to screw this one up. Dane De La Rosa is a keeper. He is what we thought Jordan Walden would be. In fact DDLR is what Jordan Walden is for the Braves. Glad we picked up Tommy Hanson for a reliable reliever. Not that we couldn't have used one of those this season.

Halo Hero

How come it is so obvious to all of us that Garrett Richards should have been a starter all along and yet Mike Scioscia just now figured this out. Is Garrett the source of the friction between Jedi and Mike? Could Scioscia's well documented reliance on over the hill vets (Matthews Jr, Mathis, Wells, Blanton) over rookies finally be the straw that breaks the camel's back? Do you think Mike was happy or sad to see Richards throw like an ace tonight? Just a few questions as this season from hell slowly spins on.

Oh hey, nice outing Garrett but next time, duck when the ball is coming at your pitching elbow. You might be the key to our future rotation,