Angels trade deadline live blog (FINAL UPDATE)

The trade deadline will be on us at 1 PM Pacific Time and already we've seen the Angels be relatively active in trading Scott Downs and Alberto Callaspo. Alas, those two lesser moves have done nothing to address their pitching concerns or improve the Angels' in a significant way for 2014. There has to be something else coming down the pike, right?

Since I am going to be obsessing over a potential Howie, Aybar or mystery player deal until we hit the deadline, I figured a live blog was in order. I'll be updating this post on a frequent basis throughout the day with the latest rumors as well as my own personal analysis. So hang out, interact via the comments and generally lose your mind over the trade possibilities. What? Like you have something better to do?

Before we jump into the juicy updates, let's get a quick word from our, um, sponsor:

1:30 PM – We're done here

Multiple reports have confirmed that the Angels didn't do a damned thing. Le sigh….



The deadline has officially passed and the Angels don't appear to have done anything, which is very disappointing. Obviously deals might have been submitted to the league office right at the deadline, so there might be something that trickles through in the next hour. I'll hold my breath and twiddle my thumbs in hope that somehow the Angels pulled off something like that, but they probably didn't. Super lame.


12:35 PM – The Orioles are going to acquire Bud Norris

There goes one main suitor for Jason Vargas.


12:30 PM – Howie Kendrick's agent has not been contact about his no-trade clause

This might not mean anything as there are only 12 teams on his list. The Royals are known to be one of them, but the Jays and/or Dodgers might not be. Still, it is getting down to the wire and things have gone radio silent, so maybe the Halos really will hold onto him until next season.


11:40  AM – Offers being made on Phil Hughes

This is pure speculation on my part, but the Angels have been linked to Hughes in the past and he seems like a logical fallback option for the Halos now that they have lost out on Kennedy. With Kennedy setting a fairly low price and Hughes being an impending free agent, it is hard to imagine the Halos having to make much of an offer for Hughes.


11:30 AM – The Angels are likely to keep Kendrick and try to trade him in the off-season

Bluff, bluff, bluffity bluff. This is just there way of letting teams interested in Howie know that they better make their best offers in a big hurry.


11:25 – Pirates have inquired on Trumbo

If they can't get Cole or Taillon, this isn't going to happen. The Pirates are not going to give up Cole or Taillon, so this isn't going to happen. Heredia and Glasnow are intriguing, but far too far away for this to work for the Halos.


11:20 – Jays, Dodgers and Royals to take Kendrick talks to the deadline

GRAIN OF SALT ALERT! This comes from Jim Bowden who is a professional clown, so this might not actually be news so much as Bowden trying to read MLB Trade Rumors to craft a factoid that sounds vaguely news-ish.


11:15 AM – The Angels won't trade Aybar

This just reiterates Alden Gonzalez's info from last night, but with a little more emphasis. I don't think it means anything other than the Angels haven't gotten an offer they like even a little bit for Aybar. There is still plenty of time for someone to get desperate.


11:10 AM – Kennedy to the Padres is done

…aaaaaaand he's gone. Overall the Pads probably didn't pay all that much so this is something of a miss by the Halos, but not one to get worked up about. Kennedy was just a change of scenery acquisition and may not work out at all, so it isn't as if he is a gamechanger that the Angels will rue not going all in on.


10:45 AM – Padres closing in on Kennedy but Angels still have a shot

Meh. Sounds like gamesmanship from Arizona. San Diego is said to be pretty close to landing Kennedy for Thatcher plus two prospects. If that is really the price for Kennedy, the Padres are welcome to him.


9:45 AM – Arizona wants relievers for Kennedy

According to CBS douchenozzle Scott Miller, the Diamondbacks are asking about relievers Joe Thatcher and Luke Gregerson from the Padres in exchange for Ian Kennedy. That obviously puts the Angels at a distinct advantage since their bullpen is a dumpster fire. Unless Kevin Towers is in love with Kevin Jepsen, which I actually think is a possibility, the Friars should be able to outbid the Halos pretty easily if they were so inclined.


8:50 AM – Blue Jays interested in Kendrick

Per Ben Nicholson-Smith, the Blue Jays have serious interest in Howie Kendrick. They are in a similar position to the Angels, so they are looking to contend in 2014 and beyond and would like Kendrick to bolster their lineup. I'm not so sur the Jays are a great trade match though. Their best pitching prospect to offer is Aaron Sanchez, but he has largely been considered to be off limits. Sanchez also isn't nearly as big league ready as the Angels would like. Sean Nolin is another option but may not have the upside the Halos are seeking. One thing the Jays do have going for them is that they have expendable big leaguers like Emilio Bonifacio, even with as bad as he has been this year, to throw into the deal to give the Angels someone to serve as a stopgap starter.


7:25 AM – Ian Kennedy is still in play

It was believed that the Kennedy deal hinged on the D'Backs getting Peavy, but Arizona is still in on other pitchers, most likely Bud Norris. In that event, they would still have a need to dump Kennedy to clear a rotation spot and salary. The one thing the Angels have going for them with Kennedy is that the competition is the Padres and the D'Backs would almost certainly send Kennedy to Anaheim instead of a keeping him in the division if the two offers are relatively equal.

I still think Kennedy is kind of a hump, but if the Angels can get him for a low level, low upside prospect, then it is worth the gamble. Dipoto obviously knows him well, so perhaps he sees something in him that he believes he can fix to get him resembling the Kennedy of 2011 or even just the Kennedy of 2012.


7:00 AM – Aybar is unlikely to be traded

It seems that the Cardinals, unsurprisingly, don't feel compelled to cough up Michael Wacha or Carlos Martinez for Aybar. At least as of right now, which is probably why Alden got this story. One has to think that one of Dipoto's minions let this little tidbit slip in order to make it clear to the Cards that Wacha or Martinez is the only thing that is going to get this done. One thing worth noting though is that no other team has even shown a passing interest in Aybar at this point, so the Angels don't really have any competition to drive up the price. Their only position of strength is that they can happily keep Aybar for themselves.

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