Angels wake up early to take series, defeat Rays 2-0

Before you even had time to grab your second cup of coffee, the Angels were starting their game for the day. That would normally to make sure that the aforementioned second cup of coffee was of the Irish variety, but lo and behold the Halos managed to pull it out.

Jason Vargas, after scuffling since his return from the disabled list, put together one of his finest starts of the season. It was the kind of start that made you realize why the Angels didn't trade him after he got healthy and signed him to an extension instead. What? They haven't signed him to an extension yet? Really? Well that makes no sense. Maybe Dipoto is too busy planting stories in the media about what a tyrant Scioscia is and forgot to do that. Oh well, there's still time.

The unlikely victory gave the Angels their second straight series win and put them at 5-1 on their road trip because, sure, why not start winning now just to make the fanbase feel worse. Oh, and the Angels are now just barely not bad enough to have protected first round pick, just in case you were wondering. Yep, it is all going according to plan.

Angels 2, Rays 0

Game Notes

– Lucho Libre! The scourge that is Chris Nelson is finally gone and the Angels will now hand the hot corner over to a guy with actual upside, Luis Jimenez. Lucho quickly showed the team the error of their Nelson-loving ways by smacking two hits and driving in a run. This he did despite taking a red eye from Seattle and only getting three hours of sleep just to be there in time for the game. WANT.

– Holy hell, what an arduous save opportunity for Ernesto Frieri. Someone get on Play Index and confirm for me that Ernestohboyherewegoagain does in fact lead the league in saves where he threw 30+ pitches in an inning.

– Dear Joe Maddon, thanks for inexplicably pushing David Price back from his scheduled start today. If two runs was all the Halos get must off Odorizzi, they probably would've scored negative runs off of Price.


Halo Hero of the Game

Now, will someone please get this man a contract extension already?

Garrett Wilson

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