Angels win a see-saw affair; defeat Astros in extras

Wins are certainly nicer than losses. Walk off wins are expecially sweet, even when they don't mean anything. What you had tonight was to lackluster teams trying to catch fire for the long slog through the last two months. These games are about auditioning for next year. Youngsters trying to stay up in the show. Veterans trying for one last hurrah in the majors. Although the game was meaninless in the 2013 season picture, it's still winning, which is a lot better than losing.

Angels 6 Astros 5


Game Notes

— I can already tell Garrett Richards is going to frustrate the hell out of me. He has so much obvious talent and yet can't seem to harness it for real. He has pitched better since he re-insertion into the rotation, but his mental make-up still makes him susceptible to the big inning, as was the case tonight. Still he battled and kept his team in it enough for the offense to catch up.

— Nice work by Ernesto Frieri in his two innings of work. Frieri has been a hot mess lately so having him pitch well is a good sign to see. Still don't trust him as the closer, but he will definetely be a part of the pen next season.

— Mark Trumbo always feels like the forgotten man when it comes to the Halo future. Trumbo hits well, even if he is streaky. I just wish he could be more conistent for lnger stretches of time, which would make him fell more indespensible. I think he is a big trade chip in the winter to bolster the rotation.

— Yes, Josh Hamiton hit a walk off homerun. No, it does not make-up for the season.

Halo Hero

There that man goes again, getting involved in all sorts of ways. I imagine other teams hate Erick Aybar. Dude is always in the mix of things. Tonight he made a couple of nice plays defensivey, collected three hits and drove in the tying run, and was a central fgure in a controversial call that turned the tide of the game. His tag on the runner heading to second in the 9th was initially called safe. This was clearly wrong and Aybar went bananas. They got together and overturned the call to get it right. But for the rest of tonight and tomorrow, Erick will now be the poster boy for replay. I agree we need replay and this type of play is why. I don't think the system they have come up with will work. But at least for tonight, Erick initiated his own replay and for his trouble, his team got the win.