Another April Fool’s for the Angels

Oh God.

It’s happening again, isn’t it? The Angel’s have started April with an ongoing fool’s joke. Last year we went 3-6 in the first nine. Now we’re 2-7.  Last year we had a bullpen who looked like they were collectively trying to step up from little league. This year, they look like they’re all playing, surreptitiously, for the opposition. Last year we had a huge name, huge money signing who didn’t fire in April. This year…

You get the picture.

Injuries hurt, sure. Weaver is out for an optimistic 4-6 weeks. Aybar, who started well, is out until at least Tuesday. But that doesn’t excuse leaving runners on base like you’re trying to collect a set, or throwing middle innings batters pitches that resemble whackamole targets.

So, is there an upside? Optimistically, maybe.

Hamilton, who hasn’t stunned anyone (and frankly, sucked in his return to Texas) is starting to hit.

Howie Kendrick seems to have decided this is his year.

Pujols, Bourjos and Trumbo are all doing what they’re paid to do, early.

Garrett Richards is going to get the starting rotation spot I’ve been angling for since last year; I hate the reason he’s getting it, but I do think he deserves it.  

Trout is still the talk of the town. It will be interesting to see when “town”, turns.   

We don’t have to play against Coco Crisp, John Jaso or Brandon Moss until the end of April.

On the downside… They’re 2-7.

They look like they did last year, where April arguably cost them a wildcard spot.

The bullpen is freaking us all out, again.

Weaver seems to think baseball is a contact sport.

And, I hate to bring this up, but has anyone noticed that over in Detroit, Torii Hunter is playing every day, and hitting .405?

Do I have hope? Yes. My cat, Satchmo, has just discovered that mid-afternoon (which is when home games occur here in New Zealand) is the best time to sleep on me. And when he does, we rally. When he wakes up, we drop away.

Now, I know that's completely unscientific, but I don't see how much further "out there" my theory is than continuing to play bunt and run when it's clearly what the opposition is looking for, or moving Trout to two for anything other than lack of imagination. (See my previous Chris Iannetta post.) 

All I’m saying is; watch your back, Monkey.