Are the Angels trying to trade Scioscia?

What started out as a joke on Twitter has now become a full-fledged conspiracy theory.

Ever since the season ended last weekend, Angel fans have been waiting to see if Jerry Dipoto or Mike Scioscia would be fired. Just waiting… and waiting… and waiting… and waiting.

What could the delay possibly be? Rumors were months ago that one of them was getting fired. Surely they figured out which one in all the time since then, right? It is entirely possible that Arte Moreno still hasn't made up his mind, but if that is the case then it shows a concerning amount of indecision.

That got me thinking that there has to be a better explanation. The one conclusion that I refused to accept but couldn't shake from the back of my mind was that maybe the Angels have made up their mind to move on from Scioscia, but they haven't said anything because they are trying to trade Scioscia.

I fully realize how implausible that is. While it has happened a few times in the last two years, manager trades are quite rare. But with Scioscia having such a high profile and such a long, expensive contract that Moreno would likely prefer to not have to eat, then finding a landing spot via trade for Scioscia makes a ton of sense. What's more is that there are several teams that could have real interest in him. The Nationals just saw Davey Johnson retire and might want a high profile guy like Scioscia to come in and guide them back to contention. The Yankees might be a landing spot if Joe Girardi jumps ship to the Cubs. The Reds just fired Dusty Baker and very much still have World Series aspirations. Heck, even the Mariners might go after Scioscia in their desperate attempt to gain legitimacy.

I know, it is crazy, but it is crazy like a fox, no?

If you are a real conspiracy theorist, you could dig even further for evidence. For example, since Thursday there has been rumor that the Angels had a press conference announced for Friday. This was reported by the Angels' own radio station as well as Buster Olney. That press conference has since been mysteriously canceled. It is almost like they had some big deal to announce but had to scrap it because the deal wasn't quite complete. Hmmmmm.

It is a whacko conspiracy theory, but it makes a lot more sense to me than Moreno having still not made up his mind or the team delaying an announcement for reasons that are yet to be fully understood despite the organizational meetings set to commence in less than a week.

Whacko conspiracy theory it may be, but every once in a while, those theories turn out to be right.

Garrett Wilson

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