Astros Continue to own Angels; defeat Halos 8-2

These are truly the dog days of August. When your team is out of the pennant race and just playing out the string, night's like tonight are a hard watch. The dominance the Astros have had over the Angels this season is baffling. The Astros are a terrible team and unfortunetely the Angels aren't really that far behind. Tonight was just another in a long line of listless performances. I should get hazard pay or at least a complimentary psychiatrists visit for having to cover these games. UGH!

Angels 2 Astros 8


Game Notes

— I will say that one silver lining to this wretched second half of a season has been the play of Grant Green. Green appears very athletic and has a good eye at the plate. Since joining the Angels he has right right around .400. I think the Halos might have stolen one from the A's with this kid. Now will see if he can play third when Howie comes back or if he will have to settle in at second.

— It's uncanny how much this team reminds me of the mediocre teams of the 80's. Maybe it was the throwback unis the sported tonight but main it was like reliving some kind of childhood trauma.

— Nice to see Peter Boujos back in the line-up tonight. We have long ago stopped talking about the potentially historic defensive outfield the Angels had constructed and you have to wonder if Peter's inability to stay healthy may have cost him his one big chance at being an everyday player for the Angels.

— I'm beginning to think Buddy Boshers is a reject from an extra casting call for MAJOR LEAGUE 3: BACK TO THE MINORS. Dude's fastball is not fast and his curveball doesn't curve, but other than that he's something. That is probably all you need to know about the state of the Angel bullpen right now.Still, he might be better than Kevin Jepsen.

— BTW, Joe Blanton is still very bad at pitching. Glas we have him locked up for another year!

— I'll give the Angel fans credit, at least they showed up tonight. Oh right, fireworks. Explosions in the sky always bring people together.

Halo A Hole

Another week, another crappy Jerome Williams outing. I'm running out of pictures of an exasperated Jerome as another ball flies over his head. Please Lord, put me out of my misery and start someone else. Lord, Lord?