Back to Their Losing Ways; Angels fall to the Cubs, 8-6


Despite a Herculean 2-home-run effort by Mark Trumbo, the Angels continued to baffle with their losing ways. At this point, we can talk about the fact that Jason Vargas essentially made one mistake (a 3-run home run to Cody Ransom), or we can talk about Erick Aybar swinging at a 2-0 pitch and popping out to strand JB Shuck with an out in the seventh. Or, we can talk about Mike Trout swinging at a ball in the dirt to strike out, one batter later. We can talk about Aybar and Trout going a combined 0-9 while stranding 3 base runners.
But that would be belaboring what has become painstakingly clear during this bleak 2013 season: the Angels are not a very good ball club. That's all we've got tonight, folks.