Bats are Ryu’d to sleep; Angels fall to the Dodgers, 3-0


It's still too soon to declare the 8-game winning streak a mirage for the Angels, but boy have they looked uninspiring these past couple games. After the offense roared to a 5-run lead yesterday, C.J. Wilson returned to his wild-boy tendencies. Today, the bats decided to stay home.


Dodgers starter Hyun-Jin Ryu spotted pitch after pitch, and the ones he didn't pump into the strike zone were strikes anyways, courtesy of the once-again swing-happy Angel bats.


The 2013 Freeway Series swings back down south to Anaheim. Hopefully the Halos can put up a better showing for the home fans.




Game Notes


— Joe Blanton probably saved his rotation spot after today's 7-inning effort. I really don't understand the overwhelming desire for this guy to fail. If he can pitch serviceably the rest of the way (and he hasn't been terrible for the past couple starts), then we'll have a solid innings eater, as advertised. Jered Weaver and Tommy Hanson come back, Jerome Williams returns to solidify the bullpen, everyone wins. Either way, Blanton wasn't terrible today; he was simply out-dueled.


— Additionally, Erick Aybar went 0-4 out of the leadoff spot. Detractors will point out that he has done a terrible job, but he's actually been hitting .321 (9-28) the past few days, so I don't quite get the criticism there either. He should walk more, and maybe he's killed himself by swinging at first pitches too often, but who else would you bat there? And no, Mike Trout is not going back to the leadoff spot. That ship has sailed away with Captain Scioscia.




Halos A-Hole of the Game


While he didn't pitch terribly, he did give up a home run to Luis Cruz. That's just shameful. Congrats, Mr. Blanton. 



Also, this is a picture of Joe Blanton as a Philly. Joe Blanton is a bad hitter. Joe Blanton looks funny when he hits. This is an appopriate photo for the occassion.