Blah, Blah, Blah; Angels win over Astros 6-2

I simply could not care less about this game. This is what it must have felt like to be a Pirates fan for the last 20 years. What we have here is a meaningless game between two teams who are all just counting the days till their seasons are over. All tonight did was highlight jsut how crushing losing 10 games to the Astros this year has been. There is no excuse for losing to this team. And yet, the Angels have a losing record even with tonight's win. Sure, it's a little fun watching some of the new kids play well, but the reality is Angel fans are all just marking time till we can root for the Bucs in the NL Playoffs.

Angels 6 Astros 2


Game Notes

— Jered Weaver amazes me. I'm not entirely convinced he is not a wizard or something. His stuff should not be getting people out with regularity and yet he does. And with relative ease. Weaver does give up honers, like the one he did tonight, but other than that it was smooth sailing. Just another day at the office.

— What we have learned from Sept Part One: Kole Calhoun is an everyday outfielder next year. It might not be for the Angels, but it will be somewhere.

— What we learned from Sept Part Two: Andrew Romine plays sick defense but looks like a pitcher when he hits. These are unfortunately two situaitons that only end up with Romy as a late inning defensive replacement and not an everyday player.

— What we learned from Sept. Part Three: Dane De La Rosa is our best reliever. No that is not a typo.

Halo Hero

We have made fun of Chris Iannetta for his walk rate. But what makes that a wee bit frustrating is that lately he has been a bit more free swinging and, SHOCKER, he hits the ball pretty darn hard. Back to back nights with a home run and three in a week make you wonder, why doesn't he swing more? Kinda looks like someone is worried about his job next year, don't it?