Blowpen Strikes Again; Angels Lose to White Sox 5- 4


Games like this, I just can’t help but reminisce.  It’s just hitting me how spoiled we were back in the mid -2000s.  Pitchers like Scott Shields and K-Rod really don’t come around too often, and when they do it’s not long enough. Those were days, when the 8th and 9th innings were locked down by veterans, now we count on players you’ve never heard of (before this year) to hold our leads.

De la Blosa and Kohn combined to make the 8th inning a total mess. A missed relay man added to it, but blame it on the walks, wild pitches, and singles.

White Sox 5, Angels 4


Game Notes

–Albert Pujols hit his 7th homerun in the 4th inning.  He went opposite field over the right field wall.  Impressive.

–Jerome Williams bounced back and went six strong innings giving up only two runs.  Consistently inconsistent, but better than Blanton who is consistently horrible.

–Coello went 1 1/3 innings without giving up a run.  His ERA is still at 0.00.  Let’s see how long it lasts.

Halo A-Hole

Michael Kohn.  Three Straight Walks= Unacceptable.  He could have kept the game tied.