Bullpen can’t hold; Angels fall 3-1 to Oakland

I think I speak for the entire Angel fan base when I say it's time to SELL, SELL, SELL! Trade Howie Kendrick to a team in need of a solid, streaky hitter. Trade Erick Aybar to a team in need of a solid defenive shortstop who can bunt on occasion. See if anyone wiil take JB Shuck off our hands. Trade Mark Trumbo to a team that needs power. Trade Scott Downs…well that might be tougher after today. Whatever is done, it's time to wave the white flag and blow this team up. Let's start calling up the kids and see what we have for next season.

Angels 1 A's 3


Game Notes

— Garrett Richards survived 5 innings and managed to shut the A's out. He was far from dominant and seemed to be constantly working from behind, but he did get out when he needed them and gave his team a chance to win. His stuff can be electric and if he gets a chance to finisht the season in the rotation, he should start next year as a viable part of the starting staff.

— With Albert Pujols finally heading to the DL, the Angels need to rethink their offensive philosophy, On the broadcast today play by play man Thom Brenneman made the comparison of the Angels to the mid 2000's Yankees who shot the moon with high priced free agants power hitters in decline. This is clearly not the direction baseball is headed and we see teams like the A's and the Rays winning with strong pitching and timely hitting. The Angels line-up is old, slow and not geared to attacking the 21st century game. The Halos need to get more action on the basepaths and more hitters who are so streaky.

— Joe Blanton came in the 8th inning and went 1-2-3 on 9 pitches. I think we are at the point where Blanton is just swimging a giant middle finger at the fans. "See,  I can get guys out no sweat. Wait, that's what you wanted me to do all along? Right, let me see what I can do after I finish counting all this guaranteed money."

Halo A Hole

Scott Downs has been good all year. He hasn't given up a run in like two months. But he also has trouble with right handed hitters. This is the major blocking point in a trade to a contender. In order for him to be any value he needs to be more than a left handed specialist. The two run homer and run scoring double porve he still is only so valuable and not a real trade chip. Maybe we can trick a team into him if someone gets desperate, but Scott may just be riding out the season with this miserable, under achieving team.