Bullpen implodes again, Angels Fall To Rangers 3-2

Last season one of the running themese was the bullpen costing the Angels several games early on in the year which led to a huge hole in the standings. As a result, Mr. Super Fantastic GM DiPoto went out and overhauled the pen adding new faces and new roles. Unfortunately, a few holes still remain. The relievers are either too young to deal with the pressure or too old to still be able to deliver quality innings and once again the Angels are staring at an early season standings climb.

Angels 2 Rangers 3


Game Notes

— Maybe you heard, but Josh Hamilton returned to Texas today. He was greeted with a cascade of boos each time he went to the plate and cheered every time he made an out. I really fail to understand the Ranger fans booing. All he did was bring you to two World Series. But hey, stay classy Texas.

— Of bigger concern than Hamilton's reception is the early season struggle he, Prince Albert and Mark Trumbo are having hitting the ball. 0 for 10 with a couple of walks just isn't going to cut it. Of the three, Trumbo seems the most lost at the plate right now, but Hamilton's strike out rate should also be of major concern.

— The one bright spot of the day was the pitching of Justin Vargas. Vargas was in and out of trouble all day but managed to go 5 2/3 innings and giving up only one run. I can live with that sort of outing each time he pitches.

Halo A Hole

Are we seeing the end of Scott Downs? For the first time in forever, the Angels have a surplus of left handed pitchers and Downs is already on the hook for two Halo losses this season. I can't imagine him having much of a role if Jepsen continues to be reliable, Richards grows up and Frieri and Madsen lock it down. I just hope he can;t put it back together, but somehow I doubt it.