Bullpen snatches defeat out of the jaws of victory; Angels fall to the A’s, 9-5


There isn't much good to be said about this game. The bats should have and could have brought in at least 12 runs, but couldn't. The bullpen, so solid and promising until Sunday night, were tasked with nursing a lead, but couldn't. CJ Wilson kept trying to #throwstrikes, but couldn't.


And that has basically been the story of the 2012 — I mean, 2013, Angels. They have enough talent to win ballgames, but simply can't, for whatever reason. The Oakland Athletics did their very best to gift the Halos with a nice, welcome-home victory, booting balls around in the 6th inning and allowing the languid Angels zombie-offense a new shot at life.


But Kevin Jepsen felt even more like Santa Clause, serving up an ugly 5-spot in the top of the 7th. Awesome stuff, really. That's all you can say about it.


Oh and the Angels will probably be without Erick Aybar for a little bit. The shortstop experienced a left heel contusion while beating out a base hit. He is listed as day to day, this on the same day the Halos found out they will be without ace Jered Weaver for at least a month.


The good news just keeps on coming!


Athletics 9, Angels 5

Game Notes


— One encouraging sign over this hellish stretch is that Albert Pujols continues to see the ball well. The slugger has drawn 6 unintentional walks, 9 walks total, in 7 games this season, a huge sign that his plate discipline just might be back in a big way. At any rate, Pujols looks a lot better now than he did at this time a week ago.


— We ain't in Texas anymore. Josh Hamilton received a much friendlier reception from the Anaheim crowds. Aside from the better vibes from the Anaheim crowd, the fans were treated to very similar results at the plate by Hambone. A strikeout with the bases loaded in the first and a tap-out with the bases loaded in the fourth. Remember when Hamilton was supposed to drive in all those runs? I barely do, either.


— The bullpen was awful. But you already knew that. Newly acquired Dane De La Rosa was the only arm that didn't look like he was walking a tightrope out there on the mound.


Halo A-Hole of the Game



Enough said. I'm feeling pretty jepped by this dude, tonight.