Calhoun the hero again as Angels complete sweep of Toronto

This series must have the Blue Jays feeling like they were trapped in Groundhog's Day. As happened earlier in the series, the Halos coughed up an early lead only to rally back, take the lead and have the bullpen shockingly lock things down to preserve the victory.

And, like before, it was Kole Calhoun leading the charge. This time he ginger-powered a solo shot off of J.A. Happ to tie the game. But overall in the series he finished 5-for-10 with one double, one homer, five RBIs, one walk and one run scored. And it certainly isn't lost on anyone that Calhoun did much of his damage in this game against a left-handed pitcher. Despite never really knocking the socks off of scouts and prospect gurus, Calhoun continues to prove he can more than hold his own in the majors.

Angels 4, Blue Jays 3

Game Notes

– Also holding his own was Garrett Richards. Butcher just gave an interview about how much more mature and willing to make adjustments Richards has been this year and that was on full display with Garrett overcoming and early 3-0 deficit without losing his composure.

– Not holding his own was Collin Cowgill. He took the collar and fanned three times tonight with all three strikeouts coming against the southpaw Happ. Cowgill is in the majors because he is a strong defender, but if he can't contribute even a little bit against left-handed pitching, there really is no use for him.

– I'm glad that Mark Trumbo is hitting well again, but whatever is going on with his facial hair needs to be put to an end. Not trying to be mean, as a guy who sported some regrettable facial hair in college, I think males in general need to be more forthcoming and help each other out when they have made a poor beard-related decision.


Halo Hero of the Game

The Ginger Fire Hydrant strikes again!

Garrett Wilson

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