Clutch Hitting Absent Late, Angels fall to Reds 5- 4

Man, if only I put some money down for this series.  This whole winning the first game and then losing the next two to start the season is getting old. For the past five years, the Angels have used this script, and quite frankly I’ve had enough. Let’s win an opening series! These starts are killing me.

Joe Blanton met Angels’ fans expectations in his first start, channeling his inner Ervin Santana, by giving up 3 homeruns (almost 4) in 5 innings of work.  Blanton needs to be reminded that our outfielders are actually confined by the outfield walls, and are in fact not allowed to jump over them and position themselves in the stands.

Clutch hitting was absolutely nonexistent late in the game.  In the 7th, with Hamilton and Trumbo in scoring position, Howie flied out to end the inning.  Then in the 9th, with Trout on second, Pujols lined out to right and Hamilton struck out to end the game.

Reds 5, Angels 4

Game Notes

–The bullpen continues to impress with three shutout innings.  Mark Lowe is looking like the Frieri of this year, getting through two innings, his first taking him only 7 pitches.  Just another great pickup by the JeDi!

–Hamilton recorded his first hit and RBIs as an Angel in 3rd inning with a 2-run single.  Hopefully, he gets his first Halo Homerun out of the way in Texas.

–Trout and Aybar combined to go 5 for 8 in the game, effectively setting the table for the middle of the lineup.  Aybar is leading the starters so far with a .357 average.  He’s looking great in that #2 hole.

–The Angels again outhit the Reds, but they still lost.  The difference in the past two games has been starting pitching.  Quality starts is a must, especially from the front of the rotation.  Expect better turns the next time around, especially from C.J.


Halo A-Hole of the Game

If we wanted a pitcher to give up 3 homeruns every game, then we would have kept Ervin Santana.  Mr. Blanton needs to give us quality starts.