Comedian kicked out of Angels game for standing and cheering

The Angels just can't buy good press of late. Injuries are piling up. The slow start is causing unrest in the fanbase (again). And now, to top it all off, some rogue usher at the home opener last night decided to go on a crusade against fans who are actually positive and enthusiastic by kicking out a group of Angel fans who had the audacity to stand and cheer for their team. How dare they!

Unfortunately for our power-tripping usher, the fans he chose to pick on included Sarah Colonna who is a comedian and writer/panelist/actress on Chelseas Lately  and After Lately. Oops! Suffice it to say, she was none too pleased with her treatement and took to the ol' internets to share her side of the story.

 Here comes Trumbo…my friends and I continue to stand and cheer, as do some around us. The people behind us don't say anything, at this point everyone is getting along and wants the Angels to score. An usher comes over and tells us to sit down, which we're confused by. We sit, but my friend Tara, who is a long time fan and a season ticket holder, asks the usher why. She says "nobody is complaining, the bases are loaded, why can't I stand and cheer?"


At the top of the 7th inning, security comes over and asks the 3 of us to get up. We are so confused; we haven't even stood up, except to go to the bathroom, or get food or a drink, since the usher incident. But they insist we get up and everyone in the section boos security, several people yelled "they haven't even done anything." One guy yelled "these are $165 seats, are you seriously asking them to leave? They didn't so anything."

Damned celebrity and her entitled behavior! Thinking she can politely root for her favorite team and enjoy herself without bothering anybody. Who does she think she is?!?!

To here credit, Sarah isn't holding a grudge against he organization, but someone from the club would be well-advised to reach out and smooth things over. The last thing this team needs amidst this slow start, not to mention the dramatic rise in ticket prices at the Big A, is to start alienating ardent, high profile fans. At least wait until Josh Hamilton starts hitting before doing that.

Garrett Wilson

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