Defense breaks down; Angels Fall to Red Sox

I loathe the Red Sox. I have trained in my years of Angel's fandom to hate the Rangers, A's and Mariners. Over time I have come to despise the Yankees for the wanton self-entitlement. But the Red Sox have a special place of anger in my heart. I hate the way they cry about being unloved as they sell merchansie worldwide. I hate the way their fans take over the Big A, thereby exposing Angel fans as the fair weather group they sometimes are. But mostly I hate them because they bring out the worst in our team. It seems the Angels make more mistakes when facing the Sox and generally look intimitated every time they step on the field. Tonight did little to assuage my spite for them.

Angels 2 Red Sox 6

(Special Note: If you hadn't heard Jered Weaver had a second child and named him Aden after Nick Adenheart. Say what you will about the cynicism of professional sports and how it's a bunch of self absorbed spoiled brats (see Howard, Dwight) Jered continues to show class and respect for his teams and his friends. A class move by a class guy and a proud represenative of the Angels.)

Game Notes

— I was ready to evicerate CJ Wilson for his second inning performance but he righted the ship about got seven strong innings out of him. In reality he should of left the game either tied or leading by one. CJ has pitched better over the past month and is starting to show why the Halos invested so much in him.

— How anyone can put Dustin Pedroia in the All Star game over Howie Kendrick is beyond me. I know that I suffer from a case of homerism, but tonight demonstrated that Howie is legit. If he doesn't get in this year, he may join the Tim Salmon memorial all star snub team.

— Hey look the Angels lost to a left handed pitcher, imagine that. Seriously, what is it with soft tossing lefties? I am so sick of this crap. Just hit it the other way already.

— Just when we thought it was safe to trust Dane De La Rosa he goes and gives up a homer when the game was still close. You just kind of knew Ortiz was going to hit it out. It's just pre-ordained that he will crush Angel fans souls once a year.

— The old adage is true for Josh Hamilton. Hero one night, goat the next. is error was just one of the comedy of defensive errors and was the one that gave the Sox the lead. why is he not the Halo Ahole tonight? Because he's hitting and I don't want to make him pout again.

Halo A Hole

I have written nice things about JB shuck in the past. I'm done. It's time to recognize his defense has now cost us two games in the past couple of weeks. Sure, he's hitting but I can't excuse his ineptitude in the field. Can't we give Colin Cowgill a shot. At minimum he can catch the ball, right? JB is just a Shucking Joke out there (sorry, had to.)