First Inning Beatdown; Angels demolish Tigers 10-0

Last night it was tempting to treat the offensive explosion as a one game anomoly. But after the first inning of today's game, I think it is safe to say the Angel bats are wide awake. Nine runs in an innng doesn't happen very often and it also marked the second day the team has batted around in as many days. Alhough they didn't tear the cover off the ball in the inning, hits are hits and runs are runs. So the Angels win the first two of the series and are starting to turn things around.

Angels 10 Tigers 0


Game Notes

— Lost in all the offense was the great game pitched by Garrett Richards. Richards threw 7 innings of 2 hit ball and looked dominant in doing it. This is signifcant because A) any good pitching is welcome and B) it solidies Richards spot in the rotation even when Weaver comes back. If Joe Blanton is still in the rotation at that point I will eat my hat.

— I don't think it's a coincidence that the offense is clicking with Bourjos at the top of the lineup. Boujos had another great game and it allows Trout to be more aggressive in the 2 hole. When Aybar returns he can slot in the 6 or 7 slot with Kendrick and give the bottom of the order real flexbility. This is a batting order I can get used to.

— Not to be negative Nancy or anything but Josh Hamilton is still struggling. We now return you to your regularly scheduled love fest.

Halo Hero

From the Totally Obvious Department; Mike Trout is really good. You just knew he was going to do something big when he came up with the bases loaded but a GRAND SLAM? That's next level. I think he's prepping for a huge hot streak.