Halo Offense Wakes Up, Angels defeat Rangers 8-4

So far this season things have been a little topsy-turvy in halo land. The pitching has been solid (with the exception of Ervin Blantana) and the offense has been shaky. But today things were righted on the offensive side as the Angels blasted four homers and cruised to a win. The win is equally key since tomorrow's matchup looms as a big one early in the season. A sweep on opening week is not the way to ge things going. Thankfully, today the big bats arrived.

Angels 8 Rangers 4


Game Notes

— A day after I blasted Albert Pujols in my recap, he came out and smashed the ball. When he got to swing the bat, he mashed to the tune of two homers. Albert looks looser this year which should translate into a big year.

— On the flip side you have Josh Hamilton, who looks all kind of lost right now. I'm sure some of it can be attributed to the return to Texas, but at some point Josh needs to stop swinging at every pitch thrown his way. We all knew his plate discipline was lacking but this is ridiculous. I have no doubt Hamilton will hit, but right now he reminds me a lot of Albert circa last season.

— Tommy Hanson did exactly what the Angels wanted him to do. He threw six innings, didn't walk anyone and allowed only 2 runs. When he did get hit, he limited the damage. Granted he didn't throw the ball practicularly hard, but he located his pitches and let the defense do the work. Seems like a blueprint for success.

— Tip of the cap to Peter Bourjos and Mark Trumbo for showing up as well. If these two can produce, the Angel offense will be special.

Halo Hero

Albert Pujols was the man today. Clearly 2013 will not be the same as 2013. The rest of the AL West should be scared.